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Global Fairness has three focuses:

School development
We are supporting strategies and processes – for example in the setting-up of Fair Schools, sustainable schools, Climate Schools or “School without Racism”, and in supporting South-North school partnerships. In this way, schools are strengthened as “Agents for Change” in terms of sustainable development and global fairness.

Teaching and learning resources
In the project we are developing resources on global learning topics for use in the classroom, as well as tools for teacher training. In training, teachers will learn more about the methods and resources around global learning and how they can implement this in their schools.

Global learning in practice
Resources and methods are being implemented in pilot actions at schools. Key topics include human rights, climate justice, migration, fair trade and sustainable ways of living. Here, we are testing creative approaches – approaches such as film festivals, theatre in schools and a summer camp. We are training children and youths as “Agents for Change” and supervising them in their work with their peers (“Peer-to-peer training”).