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“Global Fairness“ is a European project network with partners from Berlin (Germany), Leeds (UK), Linz (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary).

Furthermore, a group of associated partners (in particular from Latin America and Africa) support the project. All partners have long-term experience in the field of global education, have strong networks and complement each other with various focuses of work.

BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency mbH

The BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency is a joint private and public sector institution, supported by the State of Berlin and the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts. BGZ is a non-profit organisation, with a large network and close links to administration bodies, education institutions, but also to the economic sector and to civil society organisations across Europe. Since 1983, the BGZ has successfully administered more than 80 international cooperation projects with a total budget of over €60M. In the project “Global Fairness”, BGZ takes over the coordination of the transnational partnership, dissemination and PR. Further tasks comprise awareness-raising with civil society actors (communities), global education actions in neighbourhoods and the promotion of school partnerships with partners in the global South (in particular with Africa).

Charlotte Boetticher
Pohlstraße 67, 10785 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 8099 41-17
E-Mail: boetticher@bgz-berlin.de
Web: www.bgz-berlin.de

Artemisszió Foundation

Artemisszió Foundation has been active in the area of intercultural education since 1998. For the last six years the foundation has been making an important contribution to the promotion of global education in Hungary. Within the framework of a EuropeAid funded project, Artemisszió organised school workshops on the impact of agricultural trade regulation on food safety, poverty and environment, and also organised teacher training, developed teaching material and edited a handbook for teachers. The organisation has a volunteer exchange programme with Sierra Leone and will start a new school linking project with 16 European and 16 African schools in 2013. In the framework of the project Artemisszio is supervising a network of 4 schools. Teachers from the participating schools will work in six subject specific working groups on the development of teaching material apt to be built in and connected to the curriculum. The foundation will train involved teachers too, and the most motivated students and teachers will attend a summer camp. To mark the end of the project, selected youngsters from the school network will travel to the International Youth Conference.

Artemisszio Logo

György Benedek
Mészáros utca 10., 1016 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 413 6517
E-Mail: artemisz@artemisszio.hu
Web: www.artemisszio.hu

Die Gesellschaft für solidarische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit e.V. (GSE)

The NGO GSE (Gesellschaft für solidarische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit e.V.) has been active in the area of global education for more than 20 years. GSE has strong relationships with a variety of partners in the global South. The main focus of their work is fair trade, thus GSE set up a One World Shop, managed it for more than 10 years and finally transferred it into an independent NGO. Their main areas of work within “Global Fairness” are classroom training in various Berlin schools, promoting school enterprise with focus on fair trade, and arranging an international multipliers’ workshop with Southern partners.

Adina Hammoud / Zuzana Welgová
Weissenseer Weg 35, 13055 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 29 00 64 71
E-Mail: gse.berlin@gmx.de / gse.bildung@gmx.de
Web: www.gse-ev.de

Berlin Development Education and Information Center e.V. (EPIZ)

The development education NGO EPIZ (The Berlin Development Education and Information Center – Entwicklungspolitisches Bildungs- und Informationszentrum) has been active in this field since 1986. EPIZ promotes networking of Berlin development education stakeholders, offers a variety of learning and teaching resources in the area of global education, leads teacher and multiplier training in this field, and also consults schools on how to bring global education into school practice. Within the project “Global Fairness”, EPIZ is working on awareness-raising with schools, developing a set of learning and teaching resources and e-learning courses related to globalisation and development topics, undertaking a variety of teacher and multiplier training, as well as classroom training. EPIZ will also organise a workshop on the concept of “Fair School”.

logo Epiz

Mary Prinzler
Schillerstraße 59, 10627 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 69 26 418
E-Mail: epiz@epiz-berlin.de
Web: www.epiz-berlin.de

The Center for Ecology and Development e.V. (KATE)

The NGO KATE (The Center for Ecology and Development – Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung e.V.) in Berlin has been active in the area of global education since 1988. KATE carries out projects in the area of civil society development, environment education, promotion of renewable energy resources and waste management. Each year, the Berlin development education programme for children and youth “Benbi” and the “Climate Breakfast” are organised by KATE. The organisation’s contribution within “Global for Fairness” comprises the promotion of school partnerships (with focus on partners in Latin America) and the organisation and execution of extra-curricular school events to strengthen global education (such as project days and fairs).

Kate Logo

Kerstin Wippel
Greifswalder Straße 4, 10405 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 44053110
E-Mail: kate@kateberlin.de
Web: www.kate-berlin.de

Leeds Development Education Centre (Leeds DEC) and Leeds City Council

Leeds Development Education Centre (Leeds DEC) is an educational charity that has been raising awareness of global sustainable development issues with people in West Yorkshire for over 30 years. Leeds DEC delivers a variety of education projects with schools in the region and has been working with Fairtrade Schools since 2002. Its contribution to the project “Global Fairness” comprises developing workshops and Global Education toolkits for student councils, and developing ideas around the Global Learning Charter for schools and the Local Authority. Leeds DEC will work with the local Authority (Leeds City Council) on developing the global gimension as part of the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard, and disseminating it to schools across the city.

Hannah Dalrymple
233-237 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HS
Tel: +44 113 380 5655
E-Mail: info@leedsdec.org.uk
Web: www.leedsdec.org.uk

Ecumenical Academy Prague e.V.

The Ecumenical Academy Prague is an independent non-governmental non-profit organization that is engaged in the field of adult education. Their focus is on church and society, social justice, sustainable development, and the North-South divide. The Academy has been active in the area of Fair Trade since 2004; in 2010 EAP became the first Czech member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Activities in the framework of this project comprise work with policy-makers to promote global education in adult education, the development of guidelines on Fair School, Fair Church and Fair Town, and the compilation of a catalogue on appropriate learning and teaching resources for global education. They will also deliver classroom workshops and create an exhibition about global education.

Jiri Silny
Na Micankach 1, 101 00 Praha 10
Tel: +420 272 737 077
E-Mail: ekumakad@ekumakad.cz
Web: www.ekumakad.cz/de/

Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research

In a joint effort, the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science, the Senate Department for City Development and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research carry out GE projects in Berlin according to the UN Decade for “Education for Sustainable Development”. The Berlin Senate (regional government) will promote a continuous dialogue on global education amongst city administration departments, particularly between the State Office for Development Cooperation (LEZ) and the Department of Education (school administration), in order to strengthen the anchoring of GE in the school system, promote networking with NGOs and other stakeholders and coordinate the working group “Global Education” in the Berlin Senate. This will support the implementation of the Development Policy Guidelines, and assure support for teachers and schools in the implementation of the (recently developed) “Berlin Curricula Framework for GE” into the school system.

Stefani Reich
Martin-Luther-Straße 105, 10825 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 9013 0
E-Mail: poststelle@senwtf.berlin.de
Web: www.berlin.de/sen/wirtschaft/euro-inter/lez

Welthaus Linz

The Welthaus Linz (WHL) is a development organization of the Catholic Church in Upper Austria, with sister organizations all over Austria (in Graz, Salzburg, Vienna, St. Pölten, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck). In cooperation with the pedagogical university of Upper Austria and the Südwind agency, Welthaus Linz offers a university course on the topic “Global education“. Within the framework of the project “Global Fairness“, WHL will develop learning and teaching resources for global education, deliver a large variety of classroom training (with a thematic focus on organic and Fairtrade food) and organise teacher & multiplier training on global education issues.

Martin Stöbich
Kapuzienerstr. 84, 4021 Linz
Tel: +43 732 7610 3270
E-Mail: linz@welthaus.at
Web: www.dioezese-linz.at/welthaus