The project

It is a sad reality that the economic, environmental and social disparities between the global South and the global North are constantly increasing. We must recognize how our own lifestyles and consumer behaviour fundamentally affect developing countries and what we can do to tackle these inequalities.

“Global Fairness” addresses children and youths as future consumers. The project aims to initiate change in consumer behaviour and develop their sense of responsibility for the future.

“Global Fairness” is the successor project of “Awareness for Fairness” – its innovative further development. The main topics related to “Global Fairness” are to be integrated in the classroom, in the curriculum, in educational opportunities and in everyday classes. The project is therefore aimed at school actors – in particular at managers, teachers and students, as well as school administrations.

We see the particular benefits of the project for Berlin in the strengthening of international networking of Berlin schools and the accompanying NGOs, as well as the support in implementation of the new curriculum guidelines for the global development area of learning in Berlin schools.

Focuses in the project are:

1. The development of school profiles
  • Strategies for school development
  • Strengthening of North-South school partnerships
  • Certification of Fair Schools
2. Methods and resources for global learning
  • Teaching and learning resources for global learning in the classroom (workshops, guidelines for teachers)
  • Creative methods (theatre at school, film festival, mobile cinema)
  • Competence development for teachers (teacher training, experience exchange)
3. Global learning in practice
  • “Agents for Change”
  • International youth conference