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Methods and resources for global learning

What’s everyday life like for a teenager in Uganda? How does fair trade improve the living conditions of a farmer in Ecuador? How can we look beyond our everyday life and gain fascinating new knowledge?

Through global learning, children and youths learn more about global contexts, everyday reality in other parts of the world, and also about their role as consumers. They learn to recognize the consequences of their own actions and gain insight into how they can make their own mark.

In our project “Global Fairness” we offer you support in arranging lessons, project days or school events. We are:
  • developing interdisciplinary deployable teaching and learning resources on global learning topics, handbooks for teachers, workbooks for students, exhibitions or a “global classroom”
  • creating lessons within the framework of learning in global contexts
  • testing creative methods for dealing with global and sustainable topics – such as film festivals or theatre
  • offering teacher training

You can learn more about this on the following pages.