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Creative methods for global learning

With innovative participative methods close to the living environments of the children and youths, global learning becomes attractive for the schools. We are testing out some of these approaches in the project with pilot schools – particularly focusing on change of perspective, participation and abilty to act.

Mobile cinema
Climate justice is the topic of the mobile cinema, which will be organised in three cities in Upper Austria over the project duration. The visit to the cinema will be part of the lesson – the children and youth will work on this topic over a longer period of time.
Contact: Welthaus Linz

Film festival / Film competition
In Upper Austria, a regional film festival will be organised as part of the project “Global Fairness” under the motto “Living in the time of climate change”. The children and youths themselves will become producers. In small groups, they will produce short films on the topic with smart phones and then present them to other youths in their class or at their school. The best films will be shown at the festival. Accompanying workshops on the work with new media in global learning will take place.
Contact: Welthaus Linz

Global fairness is the theme of the film festival in Yorkshire (Great Britain). We expect 60 schools from the region to participate. The children and youths will also produce films themselves and will upload them onto an online platform. Everyone can watch the films and vote for his/her favourite.
Contact: Leeds DEC

Theatre at school
Every year, young theatre groups from Latin America and Africa are guests of the initiative “Kinderkulturkarawane” (Kids’ Culture Caravan) in Berlin. They present their own produced theatre plays, which show how young people in the South reflect on current problems and challenges of global development. We will invite the theatre groups into schools. Workshops and discussion rounds will take place at the schools to prepare and follow this up. Exchange with those of the same age from Africa and Latin America enables the Berlin children and youths to gain an authentic insight into the everyday life in countries in the global South.
Contact: GSE