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  • Project days, school events, events in classrooms, events with the Global Classroom, realisation of the exhibition “Deutschland*Ein*Wanderungsland”: more than 2,700 students in berlin schools dealt with different topics on Global Learning
  • The fair lunchbox was a great success! More than 1,000 students in 18 Berlin schools dealt with the topic Fairtrade
  • Implementation of the coffee trial: 650 parents and students discover the way of coffee to Berlin. They pluck, drag, act, roast and grind coffee
  • Through trainings, about 200 Berlin pedagogues and teachers are empowered to execute climate breakfasts, were teached on using the exhibition “Deutschland*Ein*Wanderungsland”, the Global Classroom and building up school partnerships
  • More than 30 trainings for over 600 Berlin students were successfully conducted by KATE, so the students are able to execute climate breakfasts on their own
  • 5 Berlin schools were sucessfully given the Fair School award

Products, publications, links

Brochure “Inclusive global learning?! Theoretical considerations relevant for practice“ is available
The BGZ-accompanying brochure about the interactive exhibition "Deutschland*Ein*Wanderungsland“ is available for school lessons
BrochureMaterial – Word cardsMaterial – World cards, part1Material – World cards, part2
Global classroom set up at Carl-von-Linné School in Berlin
Strategies for school development
Cross-curricular teaching material on climate change and human rights: Ein Klima für den Wandel. Konzept für den fachübergreifenden Unterricht zum Thema Klimawandel und Menschenrechte in Klasse 9 und 10 for the followimng subjects: history, social sciences, English, Mathematics, Spanish, Arts and Ethics
Link to the concept
Student learning journal on climate change: Ein Klima für den Wandel
Link to the learning diary
On four EPIZ teacher conferences in Berlin, teachers and multiplicators exchange experiences on Global Education and human rights
Teacher conference 03.06.2014 programmeTeacher conference 03.06.2014 reportTeacher conference 25.02.2015 programmeTeacher conference 16.06.2015 programme
Teaching manual on climate change and human rights, which resulted from trainings with teachers involved in the development of cross-curricular material: Reflexionen zur Lehrer_innenfortbildung Klimawandel und Menschenrechte
Final report of train the trainer for Global Learning 2014
Link to the document
The "Climate Breakfast" possibilities for schools to implement the methodology as peer-project. (Information in German)
KATE's climate suitcase is ready for the execution of, for example, climate breakfasts
Information website school partnership Berlin (Beethoven- secondary school) and Zinguinchor / Senegal (Lycée Lamine Omar Badji)
school partnership Berlin – Zinguinchor
In the course of the project the website was relaunched

Impressions from the project activities in Germany

  • Content suitcase for peer-trainings
  • Fair box closed
  • Fair box open
  •  Global Classroom - Water is life 1
  •  Global Classroom - Water is life 2
  • Global classroom school event August 2013
  • Global classroom school event August 2013 2
  • Performance Teatro Trono from Bolivia in Berlin
  • Performance Teatro Trono from Bolivia in Berlin 2
  • Performance Teatro Trono from Bolivia in Berlin 3
  • Workshop with Teatro Tonno in the CvL school