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Online platform set up for the exchange of resources on global learning for teachers in Hungary
Global Fairness summer camp in Balatonfenyves (Hungary) with 50 students and teachers of partner schools
Poster – in Hungarian
Strategic action plans for GE education at four Hungarian schools successfully developed
Ady BudapestKatona József BudapestDr. Ámbédkár SajókazaTüskervár school
Handbook on climate change and human rights for maths, history, geography, biology, Hungarian and English
Handbook, p. 1-58”:/media/2.1_teachers_handbook__p.1-58.pdfHandbook, p. 59-128Handbook, p. 129-202Handbook summary

Impressions from the project activities in Hungary

  • Summer Camp Balatonfenyes
  • Summer Camp groupwork
  • Summer Camp workshop
  • Summer Camp painting 1
  • Summer Camp painting 2
  • Summer Camp shirt
  • Summer Camp group picture