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Certification for schools

With “Global Fairness“, schools are supported in becoming certified as Fair Schools. This is carried out according to the specific requirements of the respective countries.

Fair School / Berlin (Germany)
“Global Fairness” supports schools in Berlin in developing a school profile and in preparing the application for “Fair School”. We are convinced that a “Fair School” can vastly improve the atmosphere, learning culture and cooperation at the school. “Fair Schools” follow sustainability and fairness criteria – this is about fairness to each other (democratic school culture), fairness to people throughout the world and fairness to the environment.
Further information can be found at:
Contact: EPIZ

Fairtrade School / Bohemia (Czech Republic)
In the Czech Republic, the title “Fairtrade School” is awarded by the national Fairtrade Association. The concept for this was jointly developed by the association and the Ecumenical Academy Prague. EAP advises schools all over Bohemia and assists them over an entire school year in preparing and applying for the title “Fairtrade School”.
Contact: EAP

Stephen Lawrence Education Standard / Yorkshire (Great Britain)
The focus in Yorkshire is work with the “Stephen Lawrence Education Standard”. In applying for this title, the schools show that they regularly work on/discuss global learning topics such as the fight against racism, climate justice or fair trade. LeedsDEC supports the schools in compiling their own charter on global learning, in order to sustainably integrate these topics into everyday school life. The popular learning approach in Yorkshire “Philosophy for Children” will also be used in the process – here the children discuss what fairness means exactly, and how it can be brought to life.
Contact: LeedsDEC